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2022  Tournament Results

Chaumont 10 - D2.jpg

2022 Anglers of the Year

Congratulations to Bill Perkins and Jake Perkins for winning the 2022 points race!  

8 tournament days on the water = 180.75 lbs

Average bag per day in 2022 = 22.59 lbs

Empire Team Trail Championship on Chaumont Bay

Zach Cappon & Tyler Vanderbilt came in with a monster bag of 28.34 lbs on Day 2 to secure the come from behind victory, and punch their ticket to Nationals!

Their 2 day total weight was 54.01 lbs!

Chaumont 7 - D2.jpg
Chaumont 1 - D1.jpg

Chaumont Championship - Day 1 Leaders

Brian Knebel & Greg Bent with 27.76 lbs to lead Day 1.

Empire Team Trail Championship
Chaumont Results

This was a true Lake Ontario Eastern Basin smashfest!  Wind was huge.  Waves were huge.  The fish were huge.  Zach & Tyler managed to put together a couple of monster bags, which turned out to be just enough to extend their season!  They won by 0.03 lbs.  Amazing!!!

Chaumont Results.png
Points Results 2022.PNG

2022 Final Points Standings

1 drop calculated for each team

Lake Erie Results - Points Tournament #5

Sheridan Boat Launch - September 24, 2022

Erie Results.png
Erie 2.jpg

Lake Erie - 1st place

Ryan Samland and Ian Cashdollar with their 26.15 lb winning bag, which included a 6.26 lb Lunker.

Lake Erie - 2nd place

Will Rogers with 24.05 lbs for 2nd place.

Erie 1.jpg
Erie 4.jpg

Lake Erie - 3rd place

 Brandon Brown and Tom Russell with their 23.49 lb bag for 3rd place.

Lake Erie - 4th place

Andy Wengender and Tyler Manthey with 23.13 for fourth place.

Erie 3.jpg
Cayuga Results.png

Cayuga - Points Tournament #4

Union Springs Town Launch - September 10, 2022

Cayuga - Champions plaques

Evan Luta and Ethan Luta with their Cayuga Champions plaques.

Cayuga 3.jpg
Cayuga 1.jpg

Cayuga - 1st place

Evan Luta and Ethan Luta with their 23.23 lb bag, including a 7.07 giant.

Cayuga - 2nd place

Bill Perkins and Jake Perkins with 23.12 lbs.

Cayuga 5.jpg
Cayuga 4.jpg

Cayuga - Lunker

Jack Smith with a huge 7.87 lb Lunker.

Fairhaven / Lake Ontario - Points Tournament #3

Fairhaven State Park - August 27, 2022

Fairhaven Results.png
Fairhaven 1.jpg

Fairhaven / Lake Ontario - Championship plaques

Ryan Samland and Ian Cashdollar with their Champions plaques.

Fairhaven / Lake Ontario - 1st place

Ryan Samland and Ian Cashdollar with 23.28 lbs.

Fairhaven 4.jpg
Fairhaven 2.jpg

Fairhaven / Lake Ontario - 2nd place

Kurt Keller and Matt James with 21.74, including the 5.51 lb Lukner.

Fairhaven / Lake Ontario - 3rd place

Andy Wnegender and Tyler Manthey with 21.52 lbs.

Fairhaven 3.jpg
SLR Results.png

St. Lawrence River -
Points Tournament #2

Cape Vincent Town Launch -  August 7th & 8th, 2022

St. Lawrence River - Champions plaques

Zach Goutremout and Jordan LaClair with their Champions plaques after taking the win with a 2 day total of 51.06 lbs.

SLR 4.jpg
SLR 3.jpg

St. Lawrence River -
1st place

Zach Goutremout and Jordan LaClair with a moster bag of 28.07 lbs to seal the W on Day 2.

St. Lawrence River -
Day 1 leaders

Nick Rawden and Ryan Dolan with their Day 1 leading bag of 23.51 lbs.

SLR 1.jpg
SLR 2.jpg

St. Lawrence River -
Day 2 honorable mention

Alex Korol and Cam Alldredge with a huge effort on Day 2, weighing 27.55 lbs.

Crazy Cash - Honeoye Lake

Honeoye Lake Boat Launch - July 16, 2022

Honeoye Results.png
Honeoye 1.jpg

Crazy Cash - Championship plaques

Andy Gugliotta and Joe Sheflin with their Championship plaques.

Crazy Cash - 1st place

Andy Gugliotta and Joe Sheflin with the winning bag of 17.71 lbs.

Honeoye 2.jpg
Oneida Results.png

Oneida Lake -
Points Tournament #1

South Shore Launch - June 18, 2022

Oneida Lake -
Champions plaques

Alex Korol and Cam Alldredge with their champions plaques.

Oneida 2.jpg
Oneida 5.jpg

Oneida Lake -
1st place

Alex Korol and Cam Alldredge with their winning bag of 20.21 lbs.

Oneida Lake -
2nd place

Zach Cappon and Tyler Vanderbilt with 19.90 lbs.

Oneida 4.jpg
Oneida 3.jpg

Oneida Lake - 3rd place

Dennis Perfetto and Mark Ziesemer with 19.61 lbs.

Oneida Lake - 4th place

Brian Knebel and Greg Bent with 19.01, and the 5.01 Lunker.

Oneida 1.jpg
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