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2020  Tournament Results

AOY (Oneida) 2020.jpg

2020 Anglers of the Year

Congratulations to Bill & Jake Perkins for earning top honors (highest points total) for the season!

St. Lawrence Championship

Day 1 had to be canceled due to severe weather, and Day 2 was no picnic, but some teams managed to put together good bags.

St. Lawrence Championship Results.png
Championship 2020.jpg

2020 Empire Team Championship winners

Congratulations to Brian Bylotas & Brian Bylotas Jr. for coming in with a monster bag of smallies weighing in at 27.2 lbs.

St. Lawrence - 2nd place bag

Bill & Jake Perkins with 24.21 lbs

St. Lawrence Champ - 2nd place.jpg
Final Points Standings 2020.PNG

2020 Final Points Standings

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Oneida - Points Tournament #5

1 day points tournament on Oneida Lake
September 26, 2020

Oneida results.png
AOY (Oneida) 2020.jpg

Oneida - Winning bag

Winning the tournament and clinching the AOY title, Bill and Jake Perkins weighed-in 18.43 lbs.

Oneida - 2nd place bag

Rinehimer & Bailey with 17.35 lbs of smallies

Oneida - Rinehimer_Baily_2nd.jpg
Oneida - Mazur and Renfrow 3rd.jpg

Oneida - 3rd place bag

Mazur & Renfrow with 16.78 lbs

Oneida - Lunker

Korol & Alldredge had Lunker with a 4.68 slab

Oneida - Korol and Alldredge Lunker.jpg
Sodus Results.png

Sodus - Points Tournament #4

1 day points tournament on Sodus Bay / Lake Ontario September 12th

Conesus - Points Tournament #3

1 day points tournament on Conesus Lake August 22nd

Conesus Results.png
Consus 1st place.jpg

Conesus - Winning bag

Bill Melik & Joe Sheflin with 19.19 lbs and a 5.51 lb Lunker

Conesus - 2nd place bag

Greg Bent & Brian Knebel with an 18.35 lb bag

Conesus 2nd place.jpg
Honeoye Crazy Cash results.png

Honeoye Crazy Cash

Congratulations to Joe Sheflin & Andrew Gugliotta with the won on Honeoye, and a $10,000 payday!

Keuka  - Points Tournament #2

2 day tournament out of the State Park in Branchport, NY July 18th & 19th.

Keuka results.png
Keuka Day 2 - Patrick_O'Brien.jpg

Keuka - Day 2

Kyle Patrick & Jimmy O'Brien - 17.25 lbs

Keuka - Day 2 Lunker

Pete Beczek - 6.54 lbs

Keuka - Pete Beczek Day 2 Luker.jpg
Keuka Day 1 - Patrick_O'Brien.jpg

Keuka - Day 1

Kyle Patrick & Jimmy O'Brien - 20.52 lbs

Keuka - Day 1 Lunker

John Phillips - 5.97 lbs

Keuka - John Phillips Day 1 Lunker.png
Cayuga Crazy Cash results.png

Cayuga Crazy Cash

Open Big Money Tournament out of Union Springs, NY on July 10th

Cayuga Crazy Cash - Winning bag

Casey Smith & Aidan Blake with 24.91 lbs

Cayuga Crazy Cash - Smith_Blake.jpg
Cayuga Crazy Cash - Kautz_Hall.jpg

Cayuga Crazy Cash - 2nd Place Bag

Tucker Kautz & Ethan Hall with 22.63 lbs

Cayuga - Points Tournament #1

Season opener and first points tournament of the year out of Union Springs, NY on June 20th.

Cayuga results.png
Cayuga - Sullivan_Russell.jpg

Cayuga Points Tournament #1 - Winning bag

Eric Russel & Tom Sullivan with a monster bag - 29.5 lbs

Cayuga Points Tournament #1 - 2nd place bag

Jason Chier & Jonathan Evans with an impressive bag - 26.38 lbs

Cayuga - Chier_Evans.jpg
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